Axis: It's a Circus World

Axis: It&
Title: It's a Circus World
Label: Rock Candy

Digitally remastered edition of one of the greatest underground hard rock albums of the 1970s featuring Vinny Appice. Includes 16 page full color booklet with 4,000 word essay, enhanced artwork, new photos and new Interviews. It was sometime in the late seventies that the Axis record started appearing in discount bins around the world. Up until then it seemed to have been a well-kept secret, despite the fact that it was issued on the RCA label (via a production deal with their management's Hologram imprint) and featured two former members of the high profile American band Derringer. Once aficionados started to hear and appreciate the record it soon became apparent that this was one of the most exciting releases of the entire era. As a classic power trio, based in Los Angeles, featuring guitarist Danny Johnson (formerly of Steppenwolf), bassist Jay Davis and hard-hitting drummer Vinny Appice, both from Derringer, Axis stood out head and shoulders above other contenders. Produced by British wunderkind Andy Johns, and recorded in the Record Plant NYC, the album packs an enormous punch, conjuring up comparisons to other seasoned '70s acts such Montrose, Mountain and, natch, Derringer. It is, it has to be said, a mystery as to why they flew beneath the radar, failing to make any commercial impact whatsoever. If you are a fan of late '70s tough, lean and mean hard rock then there is much to appreciate here; with tracks such as 'Brown Eyes', 'Juggler' and the twisted 'Busted Love'. In fact, there is not one weak cut on the record, which in itself is a tremendous achievement. It was a fact not lost on Tony Iommi, who played the record to Ronnie James Dio before recruiting Vinny Appice to join the rejuvenated Black Sabbath.

1.1 Brown Eyes
1.2 Busted Love
1.3 Juggler
1.4 Soldier of Love
1.5 Train
1.6 Armageddon
1.7 Ray's Electric Farm
1.8 Stormy Weather
1.9 Cats in the Alley
1.10 Bandits of Rock
1.11 Circus World

Axis: It's a Circus World

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