Aynur / Aynur

Aynur / Aynur: Hedur - Solace of Time

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Aynur / Aynur

Title: Hedur - Solace of Time
Label: Dreyer Gaido

Aynur is one of the most prominent Kurdish singers. With impressive voice and extraordinary musical narration she represents Kurdish music heritage which comes from her cultural roots as a global genre. She is a unique vocal artist who specializes in infusing traditional Kurdish folk music with a contemporary sensibility influenced by Western music. And this soulful voice is finally rejoicing her audience with her new album 'Hedûr / Solace of Time' after a break of five years. Hedûr is Aynur's long awaited 7th studio album, it means "consoling oneself, taking solace in time" in Kurdish in her mother tongue. In Aynur's own words the journey of the album Hedûr, emphasizing the present moment of musical and spiritual journey, is "The way of finding inner peace and balancing it; the result of dearth, isolation or even of existence itself." One of the basis of the underlying themes of the album, "taking solace in time" is without a doubt a reflection of hardships, injustice and the mass misery being experienced in her homeland Turkey.

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