Ayo: Ayo

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Artist: Ayo

Artist: Ayo
Title: Ayo

2017 release. It's not typical for an artist to self-title their fifth album. That's normally meant for debut records. But, while Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Ayo has four records under her belt, it's actually quite fitting that she chose the eponymous title. The 14-track record, which exquisitely blends folk reggae and pop with soul influences and a dash of hip-hop, marks many firsts for the artist and serves as her musical rebirth. The musical mission is crystal clear on Ayo: make beautiful music seeped in positivity, love, and light and that makes people feel something. Written over the past three to four years during a sea of personal and career changes, the 14-track album takes the listener on an emotional ride from the self-reflection of "Nothing" to despair and desperation in "I Pray" to the innocent hopefulness of young love in the first single, "I'm a Fool."

1.1 Nothing
1.2 All I Want
1.3 Paname
1.4 Boom Boom
1.5 Why
1.6 If Love Is a Killer
1.7 Velvet Clouds
1.8 Cupcakes and Candies
1.9 Let It Rain
1.10 I Pray
1.11 I'm a Fool
1.12 Again
1.13 Forever and Beyond
1.14 Fearless

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