B.a.: Tha Block Reporter

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Product Type: CD
Artist: B.a.

Artist: B.a.
Title: Tha Block Reporter

With the Hyphy movement in full swing, the Bay area veteran B.a. of 3X Krazy offers his newest creation, Tha Block Reporter. This effort is by far one of the best albums out of the Bay area and could even be called a classic. Tha Block Reporter offers true to life stories over some of the hottest production as well as street anthems and a couple of jewels for the ladies. Track listing: Fresh Nikes, Block Reporter, War, Product, Projects, Life, Game, It's Crucial, Blind Poet, Womb 2 Da Tomb, Ma, Hustle Hard, Tired of You, Elegant Thugs, 40, Shorty, Supa Slap.

1.1 Fresh Nikes
1.2 Block Reporter
1.3 War
1.4 Product
1.5 Projects
1.6 Life
1.7 Game
1.8 It's Crucial
1.9 Blind Poet
1.10 Womb 2 Da Tomb
1.11 Ma
1.12 Hustle Hard
1.13 Tired of You
1.14 Elegant Thug
1.15 40
1.16 Shorty
1.17 Supa Slap

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