B.W. Stevenson: Lead Free/B.W. Stevenson

B.W. Stevenson: Lead Free/B.W. Stevenson
Title: Lead Free/B.W. Stevenson
Label: Collectables

Save a Little Time; Early Morning Memphis, and a version of Carole King's Home Again highlight this two-on-one featuring B.W.'s debut and sophomore releases from 1972.

1.1 Like What You Do
1.2 Early Morning Memphis
1.3 My Feet Are So Weary
1.4 Waitin' for Spring
1.5 Gypsies
1.6 Don't Go to Mexico
1.7 August Evening Lady
1.8 Peaceful Easy Feeling
1.9 Touch of Pennsylvania
1.10 Minuet for My Lady
1.11 Maybe Mexico
1.12 Jackson
1.13 Save a Little Time for Love
1.14 Lonesome Song
1.15 Wasted Too Much Time
1.16 Long Way to Go
1.17 Highway One
1.18 Two Track Road
1.19 Say What I Feel
1.20 Texas Morning
1.21 Home Again
1.22 On My Own

B.W. Stevenson: Lead Free/B.W. Stevenson

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