Babatunde Olatunji

Babatunde Olatunji: Love Drum Talk

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Product Type: CD

Title: Love Drum Talk
Label: Chesky Records

The Nigerian-born drum master leads an ebullient ensemble of guitarists, singers and percussionists through a series of spirited meditations on the nature of love. Lust, kinship, sensuality, courtship and spirituality are the themes Olatunji uses to fuel his joyous infectious playing. Highlights include "Mother, Give Me Love," "Don't Know Why My Love," "Spell Monisola" and more.

1.1 Sare Tete Wa
1.2 What's Your Number, Mama?
1.3 Love Drum Talk
1.4 Bebi Alolo
1.5 Spell Monisola
1.6 Don't Know Why My Love
1.7 Mother, Give Me Love
1.8 Long Distance Lover

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