Baby Dodds Trio: Jazz a la Creole

Baby Dodds Trio: Jazz a la Creole
Title: Jazz a la Creole
Label: GHB Jazz Foundation

CD reissue of classic jazz album led by drummer Dodd's features clarinetist Albert Nicholas & pianist Don Ewell, who was a newcomer to the jazz scene when these sessions were recorded - album also features a number of improvised drum solos by Dodd's.

1.1 Wolverine Blues
1.2 Buddy Bolden Blues
1.3 Drum Improvisation
1.4 Albert's Blues
1.5 Manhattan Stomp
1.6 Drum Improvisation #2
1.7 Buddy Bolden's Blues
1.8 Mo Pas Lemme Ca
1.9 Salee Dame
1.10 Les Ognons
1.11 Creole Blues
1.12 Chocko Me Feendo Hey
1.13 Tootie Ma Is a Big Fine Thing
1.14 My Indian Red
1.15 Corrine Died on the Battlefield

Baby Dodds Trio: Jazz a la Creole

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