Babybird: Pleasures of Self Destruction

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Babybird

Title: Pleasures of Self Destruction
Label: Unison

2011 release by English creep rocker Stephen Jones AKA Babybird. The album is a balance of twisted, surreal imagery and angst powered arrangements, mixed up with soft and tender songs that can be anyone's 'song'. Veteran writer, musician, poet, novelist Jones once again brings US new perspective, brilliant irony, and memorable melodies that rattle the world with a call for love, understanding, or the opposite of both. Thoughtful music for interesting humans.

1.1 Jesus Stag Night Club
1.2 Beautiful Haze
1.3 The Best Days of Our Lives
1.4 I Love Her
1.5 Not Love
1.6 Can't Love You Any More
1.7 Don't Wake Me
1.8 I'm Not a Killer
1.9 Www. Song
1.10 A Little More Each Day
1.11 Song for the Functioning Alcoholic
1.12 The World Is Ours
1.13 Remember Us

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