Bach, J.S. / Madge

Bach, J.S. / Madge: Goldberg Variations

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Product Type: CD

Title: Goldberg Variations
Label: Zefir

Geoffrey Madge started performing the Goldberg Variations approximately 40 years ago. From then on he has experienced every performance as a new event. Each time is a re-discovery of the infinite possibilities that are contained in the score. It's impossible to include all in one performance. Because of this in each of his concerts he has concentrated on different aspects. Sometimes he plays passages strictly in tempo, other moments introducing a little more freedom while trying to keep a sensible middle balance. This remains for every performer one of the most difficult achievements. For instance, how to retain a strictness and at the same time keep an emotional freedom that reflects the meaning behind the notes. This, in combination with the enormous contrasts that occur from one variation to another. One moment it is music that could be taken from one of the passions of Bach and the next moment it is a completely different expression!

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