Bach, J.S. / Wispelwey

Bach, J.S. / Wispelwey: Six Suites for Cello Solo

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Product Type: CD

Title: Six Suites for Cello Solo
Label: Epr-Classic

Made at the age of 50, this is Pieter Wispelwey's third recording of the Cello Suites by J.S. Bach, and in very many ways his most impressive. The big difference in this case is that the cello is equipped with gut strings and tuned to 392 Hz. This results in tuning roughly a half-tone lower than usual, and with lower tension in the strings this has a greater effect than you might imagine. The low tension strings makes the way the music 'speaks' very different, and this is articulated in peformances which have a strong narrative feel and less emphasis on the lyrical side of the music. Wispelwey extends shapes, plays with pauses and silence, and explores the resonance of the instrument to the full. So yes, even if you know and love one or more complete recording of J.S. Bach's Suites for cello solo, then you owe it to yourself to acquire a copy of this release. If there was a recording which takes us behind the notes of these pieces and adds to our understanding of their qualities then this is the one. That these are deeply satisfying performances and a marvelous recording seems an almost incidental bonus. (MusicWeb)

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