Bad Books

Bad Books: III

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Artist: Bad Books

Artist: Bad Books
Title: III
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2019 release. The stars have finally aligned and the triple-tailed comet has reappeared. Keep your ears to the skies for another momentous encounter with Bad Books III. What Andy Hull calls their new "Simon & Garfunkel in space" style-sparse structures, simple harmonies, and gorgeous sonic embellishments. But considering both their inter-personal dynamics and joyful congregation, perhaps it would be more accurate to refer to the 2019 version of Bad Books as "Simon & Garfunkel as true friends."

1.1 Wheel Well
1.2 Ufo
1.3 Myths Made Plain
1.4 Lake House
1.5 I Love You, I'm Sorry, Please Help Me, Thank You
1.6 Neighborhood
1.7 I Wrote It Down for You
1.8 Left Your Body
1.9 Supposed to Be
1.10 Army

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