Bad Religion

Bad Religion: New Maps of Hell

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Artist: Bad Religion

Artist: Bad Religion
Title: New Maps of Hell

In a world ruled increasingly by superstition and intolerance, Bad Religion's rousing wall-of-sound punk seems about as necessary now as ever before. It is the impassioned sound of reason, anthems of a bittersweet idealism and a guarded hope set to propulsive guitars and charging drumbeats. And while most groups with even half the artistic output have long ago morphed into stylistic self parody, Bad Religion is currently surging forward with a renewed creative intensity. Their fourteenth album is both a nod to the band's defiant past and an undeniable step forward in the evolution of a genre they helped define.

1.1 New Dark Ages
1.2 Grains of Wrath
1.3 Fields of Mars
1.4 Germs of Perfection
1.5 Requiem for Dissent
1.6 Submission Complete
1.7 Grand Delusion, the
1.8 Honest Goodbye
1.9 Prodigal Son
1.10 Before You Die
1.11 Lost Pilgrim
1.12 Heroes and Martyrs
1.13 The Grand Delusion
1.14 Lost Pilgrim
1.15 Submission Complete
1.16 Fields of Mars

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