Baest: Necro Sapiens

$30.94 $35.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Baest

Title: Necro Sapiens
Label: Uk Century Media Rec
Product Type: VINYL LP

With the expectation-bar already set so high for their next record Baest truly drops their most anticipated and most important album so far. The result can only be described as world-class entertainment. Necro Sapiens manages to surpass even it's predecessors which are no slouch either. Standout songs like "Abbatoir," "Meathook Massacre" and the title track "Necro Sapiens" makes the death-metal-heart beat faster while paying homage to genre-legends like Morbid Angel and Bloodbath. Nevertheless, Baest also discovers new influences in tracks like "Genesis" which have a new touch to it. The breathtaking artwork made by Mitchell Nolte (Aborted, Vampire) additionally emphasizes the already stirring and powerful feel of this longplayer.

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