Baha Men

Baha Men: 2 Zero 0-0

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Baha Men

Title: 2 Zero 0-0
Label: Mercury

This album has only been released previously in Japan, the 12-track package is enjoying it's first US release. Track listing includes "Hooked on a Feeling," "Keep on Dancin'," "2 Zero 0-0," plus many more.

1.1 Hooked on a Feelin'
1.2 Keep on Dancin'
1.3 You All Dat
1.4 She Shake It
1.5 2 Zero O-O
1.6 Carnival
1.7 It Doesn't Matter
1.8 Thinkin' of You
1.9 Watch Ya Sef
1.10 Party All By Myself
1.11 Hometown Girl
1.12 Back to the Island (Part 2)

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