Barbara Mason

Barbara Mason: Hits Anthology

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Barbara Mason

Title: Hits Anthology
Label: Essential Media Mod

The Philadelphia Soul Diva's greatest hits including the worldwide smash "Yes I'm Ready" and much more

1.1 Yes I'm Ready
1.2 Girls Have Feelings Too
1.3 I Need Love
1.4 Oh, How It Hurts
1.5 Sad Sad Girl
1.6 Bed and Board
1.7 Give Me Your Love
1.8 I'm in Love with You
1.9 Shackin' Up
1.10 Make It Last
1.11 I Don't Want to Lose You
1.12 I Am Your Woman, She Is Your Wife
1.13 I'll Never Love the Same Way Twice
1.14 She Got the Papers But I Got the Man
1.15 She Got the Papers But I Got the Man
1.16 You Can Be with the One You Don't Love
1.17 Who Will You Hurt Next
1.18 From This Woman to You
1.19 Another Man
1.20 If This World Were Mine

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