Barbara Moncure: Folk Songs of the Catskills (New York)

Barbara Moncure: Folk Songs of the Catskills (New York)
Title: Folk Songs of the Catskills (New York)
Label: Folkways Records

Stretching across western New York State from Lake Erie to the Hudson River, the picturesque Catskills Mountains have a rich folk song tradition. Barbara Moncure, although an Ohio native, spent many of her summers in the Catskills, collecting folk songs from tradition-bearers who are acknowledged in the liner notes. Harry Siemsen, a Catskills resident who learned his songs through oral tradition, engaged in a variety of professions and was the official historian for the Town of Kingston. He sings two songs on the album as solos, and he and Barbara join forces in three lighthearted dialog songs. Extensive liner notes discuss the history of life in the Catskills and provide information about each song along with it's lyrics.

1.1 My Good Looking Man
1.2 The Bluestone Quarries
1.3 The Foggy Dew
1.4 Simple Little Nancy Brown
1.5 The Spotted Cow
1.6 A Frog He Would A-Wooing Go (Froggie Went A-Courtin')
1.7 Jennie Jenkins
1.8 The Grumbling Driver
1.9 The Lexington Murder
1.10 Madam, I Have Gold and Silver
1.11 The Quaker's Courtship
1.12 D. And H. Canal Song
1.13 The Gray Goose
1.14 The Delhi Jail
1.15 Noah's Ark
1.16 Soldier, Oh Soldier, Won't You Marry Me?

Barbara Moncure: Folk Songs of the Catskills (New York)

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