Barber / London Winds

Barber / London Winds: Music for Winds

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Title: Music for Winds
Label: Chandos

London Winds was founded by Michael Collins in 1988, bringing together some of Britain's finest wind players to form this excellent woodwind quintet. London Winds have been praised by BBC Music for their technical accomplishment, expressive commitment, and warmth of timbre, and the Michael Collins has the distinction of having been the most frequently invited wind soloist to the BBC Proms, including several appearances at the Last Night of the proms and has become a highly regarded conductor, taking the position of Principal Conductor of the City of London Sinfonia in 2010. London Winds has performed a widely varied repertoire, ranging from such traditional faire as the music of Carl Maria von Weber to the more radical sounds of Schoenberg and Berio, and, in the present recording, performs the music of two generations of master composers: Hindemith, Nielsen, Janacek, Barber and Ligeti.

1.1 Allegro Con Spirito
1.2 Rubato. Lamentoso - Più Mosso. Non Rubato - Tempo I - Moderato
1.3 Allegro Grazioso
1.4 Presto Ruvido
1.5 Béla Bartók in Memoriam. Adagio. Mesto - Allegro Maestoso
1.6 Molto Vivace. Capriccioso - Più Mosso. Presto Strepitoso
1.7 Summer Music, Op. 31
1.8 Allegro Ben Moderato
1.9 Menuet - Trio - Menuet - Coda
1.10 Præludium. Adagio - Poco Agitato - Tempo I (Adagio)
1.11 Tema Med Variationer. Un Poco Andantino
1.12 Variation 1
1.13 Variation 2. Un Poco Di Più
1.14 Variation 3. Meno Mosso
1.15 Variation 4. Più Vivo
1.16 Variation 5. Tempo Giusto
1.17 Variation 6. Andantino Con Moto
1.18 Variation 7. Un Poco Di Più
1.19 Variation 8. Poco Meno
1.20 Variation 9. Tempo Giusto
1.21 Variation 10. Allegretto
1.22 Variation 11. Tempo Di Marcia - Più Mosso
1.23 Andantino Festivo
1.24 Lustig. Mäßig Schnelle Vierte - Langsam - Wieder Lustig
1.25 Walzer. Durchweg Sehr Leise - Ein Wenig Ruhiger - Langsam
1.26 Ruhig Und Einfach. Achtel
1.27 Schnelle Viertel
1.28 Sehr Lebhaft
1.29 Allegro - Meno Mosso - Tempo I - Un Poco Più Mosso
1.30 Andante Sostenuto - Più Mosso - Tempo - Più Mosso
1.31 Vivace - Meno Mosso - Tempo I - Meno Mosso - Tempo I
1.32 Allegro Animato - Meno Mosso - Più Mosso - Meno Mosso

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