Bareto: Impredecible

Bareto: Impredecible
Title: Impredecible
Label: World Village

Bareto play a potent mix of cumbia, psychedelia, dub and electronica and have established themselves as the foremost Peruvian band of their generation. On Impredecible, their fifth album, we hear the familiar languorous, loping rhythms of Peruvian cumbia, with its sonorous bass lines and intricate guitar motifs, spiced with a frisson of electronica and hooks aplenty. Impredecible is a glorious contemporary take on Peruvian cumbia - an album of richly melodious tunes and slow-burning intensity.

1.1 La Voz Del Sinchi 4:07
1.2 La Pantalla 3:27
1.3 El Impredecible 2:46
1.4 No Es Para MÍ 4:09
1.5 La Negra y El Fantasma 3:08
1.6 Bombo Baile 3:44
1.7 Viejita Guarachera 4:10
1.8 Mamá Motelo 3:55
1.9 El Loco (Featuring Susana Baca) 4:05
1.10 La Semilla 4:35
1.11 País de Las Maravillas 3:52

Bareto: Impredecible

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