Barker, Travis / Yelawolf

Barker, Travis / Yelawolf: Psycho White

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Artist: Barker, Travis / Yelawolf
Title: Psycho White
Product Type: VINYL LP

LP on white vinyl. Building on the success of their EP, also titled "Psycho White," Travis Barker and Yelawolf expand same EP into a full LP. A full-on rap-rock attack, Barker (the former drummer from the pop-punk band Blink 182) serves as the album's producer while Yelawolf sticks to his rapid-fire rap. You get the original 5 EP tracks "Push 'Em," "6 Feet," "Funky Shit," "Whistle Dixie" and "Director's Cut." You also get the instrumental versions of each song on the B side. Rancid's Tim Armstrong and the Beastie Boys' Mix Master Mike also checked in to lend a hand. Original 2014 pressing on white vinyl.

1.1 Push Em (Feat Skinhead Rob ; Tim Armstrong)
1.2 6 Feet Underground (Feat Tim Armstrong)
1.3 Funky Shit
1.4 Whistle Dixie
1.5 Director's Cut (Michael Myers and Superman)
1.6 Push Em (Instrumental)
1.7 6 Feet Underground (Instrumental)
1.8 Funky Shit (Instrumental)
1.9 Whistle Dixie (Instrumental)
1.10 Director's Cut (Instrumental)

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