Bart & Friends

Bart & Friends: Stories with the Endings Changed

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bart & Friends

Title: Stories with the Endings Changed
Label: Lost and Lonesome

2011 release from Australian Indie-Pop icon Bart Cummings and his new outfit. Held in high esteem as a craftsman of some of the most crush worthy bite-sized pop ever put to four-track tape, Bart emerged in the early '90s playing in Melbourne bands like the Cat's Miaow, Girl of the World, Hydroplane and Pencil Tin. With the formation of Bart & Friends, Bart was afforded an opportunity to extend his scope and apply his winsome melodies and conversational lyrics to a broader group of friends from nearby and not so nearby.

1.1 Who Am I to Say No
1.2 When I've Got No Choice
1.3 There's No Place I'd Rather Be
1.4 Rule the Day
1.5 Now I Think There's Something You Can Do for Me
1.6 Calling Out My Name
1.7 Cast of Half Forgotten Names
1.8 Tomorrow Will Be Better Than Today
1.9 Sound of the Bells

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