Bay City Rollers

Bay City Rollers: Absolute Rollers (ger)

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Bay City Rollers
Title: Absolute Rollers (ger)

The first half of the album is unsurpassed commercial brilliance, a straightforward rendering of all the vital hits - including the surprisingly seldom-documented 'Keep on Dancing'. The second half cherry picks albums and B-sides to highlight the phenomenal strengths that the Scottish lads kept in reserve. Absolute Rollers delivers a powerful package, and the most convincing proof yet that, beneath the tartan, beneath the gimmickry, and beneath the pretensions that ultimately crushed them, the Bay City Rollers might well have been the perfect mid-'70s pop group. They certainly made some of the best mid-'70s records. 21 total tracks. Arista. 2005.

1.1 Dancing on a Saturday Night
1.2 Shang a Lang
1.3 Remember (Sha la la)
1.4 Bye Bye Baby
1.5 I Only Want to Be with You
1.6 All of Me (Loves All of You)
1.7 Give a Little Love
1.8 Summer Love Sensation
1.9 Rebel Rebel
1.10 Money Honey
1.11 Keep on Dancing
1.12 Love Me Like I Love You
1.13 Once Upon a Star
1.14 Be My Baby
1.15 You Made Me Believe in Magic
1.16 Way I Feel Tonight
1.17 Another Rainy Day in New York City
1.18 It's a Game
1.19 There Goes My Baby
1.20 Rock 'N' Roll Love Letter
1.21 Bay City Rollers Megamix (Bye Bye/ Love Me Like I Love You/ All of Me Loves All of You/ Shang-A-Lang/ Bye Baby)

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