Bayside: Interrobang

Bayside: Interrobang
Title: Interrobang
Label: Hopeless Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Bayside has always focused on creating songs that are relevant to people who want substance, rather than being relegated to one genre. With Interrobang, the band has put together an eclectic, inspiring, and bold collection of songs. Raneri shares, "Love it or hate it, we wanted the record to invoke something in people. We said with this record we either wanted to create something great or fall on our faces. Negative or positive, we just didn't want the record to be 'fine.'" While many bands would coast on their past success, Bayside rejects the premise and proves with Interrobang, that the best is yet to come.

1.1 Interrobang
1.2 Prayers
1.3 Bury Me
1.4 Tall
1.5 Medication
1.6 Numb
1.7 Heaven
1.8 Trouble
1.9 Walk It Off
1.10 White Flag

Bayside: Interrobang

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Product-type:VINYL LP
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