Bbjr: How to Fuck All Your Coworkers in One Sitting

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Artist: Bbjr

Artist: Bbjr
Title: How to Fuck All Your Coworkers in One Sitting
Product Type: VINYL LP

From Iowa comes BBJR, that's BOB BUCKO JR. to you, a very prolific underground free jazzer/experimental sound artist/folkster. Bucko's guitar is his most dangerous weapon though, and he employs it throughout his most recent recording HOW TO FUCK ALL YOUR CO-WORKERS IN ONE SITTING out in 2012 on the very consistently interestingly cool CAPTCHA RECORDS based out of Chicago. Definitely a baked lo-fi excursion found here with stinkin' rock moves balanced out by wayward guitar led sound exploration. Insanely enough I come away from this perhaps having enjoyed Bob's take on "Amazing Grace" most of all amongst the tunes found here. And considering that upon generally hearing this song I want to jump out the nearest window, this is a feat. The mangled, through the grinder, improv guitar bomb that Bob detonates inside the warm body of the song is inspired stuff truly. Bob Bucko Jr. saver of songs, also has a label of his own for you to check out, Personal Archives.

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