Beak: Couple In A Hole / O.s.t.

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Beak

Artist: Beak
Title: Couple In A Hole / O.s.t.
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. Original soundtrack to Tom Geens’ directorial debut and psychological drama: Couple In A Hole. The soundtrack was composed by Geoff Barrow, Billy Fuller and Matt Williams. Geoff Barrow has a long history of scoring films (Ex-Machina, Exit Through The Giftshop etc). Belgian-born and London-based filmmaker Tom Geens made a name for himself with a series of meticulously crafted shorts, and a first feature (Menteur) that pushed genre boundaries and showed him to be a deconstructor of social norms along the lines of Michael Haneke or Thomas Vinterberg. With his sophomore feature, Couple in a Hole, Geens continues in this vein, delicately negotiating the line between psychological realism and the disturbingly absurd.

1.1 Backwell
1.2 Battery Point
1.3 Nailsea
1.4 How Nice Is This
1.5 Eggdog
1.6 Remember
1.7 Flax Bourton
1.8 Spittin' Feathers
1.9 Pij
1.10 The Axe
1.11 The Cornubia
1.12 Embers
1.13 Timeshare
1.14 I Know

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