Bearns, Robert / Dexter, Ron: Best of the Golden Voyage

Bearns, Robert / Dexter, Ron: Best of the Golden Voyage
Title: Best of the Golden Voyage
Label: Real Gone Music

Before New Age existed as a genre, Robert Bearns and Ron Dexter began creating their GOLDEN VOYAGE series of albums in the 1970s to help listeners cross over the rainbow bridge and awaken an all new fourth dimensional horizon. The fathers of the New Age, Bearns and Dexter blended New Age spirituality, space music themes, primitive synthesizers, beautiful music melodies, environmental sounds, wind chimes, and traditional instruments into what they called a galactic exploration through celestial harmonics. Books and magazines on energy medicine, guided imagery, stress reduction, and music therapy promoted the therapeutic and meditative value of the GOLDEN VOYAGE albums. The six volumes in the Golden Voyage series, originally released between 1977 and 1987, have been out of print for over 25 years. Now, Real Gone Music is pleased to present the first-ever anthology of THE GOLDEN VOYAGE, offering a full-length, 79-minute collection of the best instrumental recordings from Bearns and Dexter's pioneering series.

1.1 Golden Voyage
1.2 Heart Light
1.3 Quasars
1.4 Timeless Love
1.5 Flowers of Our Childhood
1.6 Cathedral Sunrise
1.7 Celestial Harmonics
1.8 Genesis
1.9 Garden of Levitation (Part 2)
1.10 Sanctuary of Timeless Dreams
1.11 Thimble Full of Light
1.12 Ill Stay
1.13 Come Away with Me
1.14 The Starlight Raptures of Shangri la (Part 2)

Bearns, Robert / Dexter, Ron: Best of the Golden Voyage

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