Being as an Ocean

Being as an Ocean: Waiting For Morning To Come

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Product Type: CD

Title: Waiting For Morning To Come
Label: Impericon

1.1 Pink ; Red
1.2 Black ; Blue
1.3 Floating Through Darkness, They Seemed to
1.4 Glow
1.5 And Fade Away When Morning Came
1.6 Ok
1.7 As Though Each of My Problems Would Slip Away
1.8 Dissolve
1.9 Thorns
1.10 Eb Taht Srewop Eht
1.11 Suddenly, I Was Alone
1.12 Blacktop
1.13 I Saw Before Me, a Bright Red Light, and Silently I Stood
1.14 Waiting for Morning to Come

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