Ben Markley: Second Introduction

Ben Markley: Second Introduction
Title: Second Introduction
Label: Oa2

Winner of the 2007 ASCAP Young Jazz Composers Award, Denver-based pianist Ben Markley unveils his new quintet featuring the talents of modern-trumpet genius Greg Gisbert. Well-rooted in the tradition of Bud Powell, Phineas Newborn Jr.., and Oscar Peterson, Markley's playing and compositions explore the history while always looking forward. The album's one standard, "But Beautiful," gets a delicate treatment by Markley, while the opening track, "5-20," displays his compositional strengths and piano prowess. "Ben Markley convincingly demonstrates his potential to impact the jazz scene for years to come." - Jazz Improv NY.

1.1 5-20
1.2 Dry
1.3 One for Cedar
1.4 The 9th One's Free
1.5 But Beautiful - Ben Markley, Vanheusen, Jimmy
1.6 As It Comes
1.7 And the Wind Came
1.8 Two to Go

Ben Markley: Second Introduction

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