Benjamin Delaney Lion: Satori (1969)

Benjamin Delaney Lion: Satori (1969)
Title: Satori (1969)
Label: Seelie Court

Super rare private pressing and the only genuine UK private psychedelic folk LP to be issued in the sixties. The BDL were heavily under the spell of Donovan and The Incredible String Band, and their LP has the perfect hippie folk vibe, especially in the gorgeous track "Samantha Carol : Fragments"

1.1 I Alone
1.2 Samantha Carol Fragments
1.3 Midnight People
1.4 Oldman
1.5 There Is Nothing Lost
1.6 Dandelion Blues
1.7 In the Knowledge of My Soul
1.8 Painting Box
1.9 Hampstead Incident
1.10 Log Cabin in the Sky
1.11 Ducks on a Pond

Benjamin Delaney Lion: Satori (1969)

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