Benni: I & II

Benni: I & II
Title: I & II
Label: Goner Records

2017 release. Hailing from an H Class planet far across the cosmic highways, Bênní makes hi-NRG new age music. A pivotal member of bands Wizzard Sleeve / Gary Wrong Group, Heavy Lids, Roman Gabriel Todd's Beast Rising Up Out Of The Sea, and many more, Bênní was born from Benny Divine's personal need for new music to listen to while driving his space craft long distances. Tired of Van Halen's 5150 and Zebra's self-titled album on his journeys, he began creating sci-fi landscapes and ethereal soundtracks of his own. Often times primitive, the music can go from Vangelis to John Carpenter, to '80s dungeon electro band Warning and into vintage arcade game circuitry within the blink of an eye. Benny Divine is a musician with a capitol M and it's no accident that within a year of his coming to New Orleans (from less than an hour up the Gulf), he began to influence the local landscape as much as any of us who had been here and doing it for decades. Benny is special, especially for a young dude. He never overplays; he always listens; he's funky as a church lady; and his memory for parts and complicated song structure is unmatched in anyone... Plus he's chill as fnck.

1.1 Night Theme
1.2 Pyrran Control Station
1.3 Chimera
1.4 Moons of Almuric
1.5 Stardance
1.6 Night Theme Reprise
1.7 Axis a
1.8 Ard'rians's Theme
1.9 Axis B
1.10 1000
1.11 Machine Supreme

Benni: I & II

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