Bernard Haitink

Bernard Haitink: Bruckner Symphony No.4 Romantic

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Artist: Bernard Haitink

Artist: Bernard Haitink
Title: Bruckner Symphony No.4 Romantic

"Great hushes, mighty crescendos, time for every duplet and triplet to be grounded and yet to resonate with momentum. This was Bruckner's maximal minimalism at it's most majestic" (The Times) "the LSO's principal horn (David Pyatt) here sets down a wonderful opening benchmark for what follows... Haitink's conducting is a master-class in the art of control while appearing to stand back and let everyone play their best... This version easily holds it's own with the best." (Classic FM magazine)

1.1 Symphony No.4 in E Flat Major: I. Bewegt, Nicht Zu Schnell
1.2 Symphony No.4 in E Flat Major: II. Andante Quasi Allegretto
1.3 Symphony No.4 in E Flat Major: III. Scherzo. Bewegt - Trio: Nicht Zu Schnell. Keinesfalls Schleppend
1.4 Symphony No.4 in E Flat Major: IV. Finale: Bewegt, Doch Nicht Zu Schnell

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