Bernhard Lang

Bernhard Lang: Dw 16 / Songbook I

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Bernhard Lang

Title: Dw 16 / Songbook I
Label: God Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

2015 release. God Records present a series of pieces by Bernhard Lang, Differenz/Wiederholung - DW ("Difference/Repetition"). DW is an on-going cycle of Lang's pieces, where the composer explores possibilities of loops and repetitions, which would become his compositional trademark. Songbook I is a piece where Lang takes highly-involved patterns from jazz and pop music and transforms them through "damaged beats". Lang on the compositions: "For many years, one of my main influences beside the work of Philip Jeck were the movies of Martin Arnold: they more or less became the trigger for the series of pieces called Difference/Repetition. For the development of the DW series, four conceptual components were essential: 1. The visual appearance of the repetition in the video/film; 2. Philosophy of repetition in Deleuze; 3. The use of loops in the improvised music, again by reference to video-couplings; 4. Exploration of musical materials of different origins in electro-acoustic environments." Personnel: Jenny Renate Wicke - mezzo-soprano; Trio Accanto: Yukiko Sugawara - piano; Marcus Weiss - saxophone; Christian Dierstein - percussion.

1.1 Dw16.1_Watch_Tower
1.2 Dw16.2_Ophelia
1.3 Dw16.3_Count24
1.4 Dw16.4_Burning_Sis
1.5 Dw16.5_Door
2.1 Dw16.1_Watch_Tower
2.2 Dw16.2_Ophelia
2.3 Dw16.3_Count24
2.4 Dw16.4_Burning_Sis
2.5 Dw16.5_Door

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