Bernstein / Dossin, Alexandre

Bernstein / Dossin, Alexandre: Piano Music

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Title: Piano Music
Label: Naxos American

Known for his large-scale compositions,Leonard Bernstein also wrote for hisown instrument, the piano.The sequence of four Anniversaries,published between 1944 and 1989,are brief, deftly evocative vignetteswritten to celebrate his many friends,colleagues and family members.The early Piano Sonata is imbued withyouthful self-confidence, and explorescertain compositional techniques towhich he was to return in more matureworks.The rhythmically incisive Music forthe Dance No. II is another importantearly work.

1.1 I
1.2 II
1.3 For Aaron Copland
1.4 For My Sister, Shirley
1.5 In Memoriam: Alfred Eisner
1.6 For Paul Bowles
1.7 In Memoriam: Nathalie Koussevitzky
1.8 For Sergei Koussevitzky
1.9 For William Schuman
1.10 For Shirley Gabis Rhoads Perle
1.11 In Memoriam: William Kapell
1.12 For Stephen Sondheim
1.13 For Craig Urquhart
1.14 For Leo Smit
1.15 For My Daughter, Nina
1.16 In Memoriam: Helen Coates
1.17 In Memoriam: Goddard Lieberson
1.18 For Jessica Fleischmann
1.19 In Memoriam: Constance Hope
1.20 For Felicia, on Our 28th Birthday (And Her 52nd)
1.21 For Aaron Stern
1.22 In Memoriam: Ellen Goetz
1.23 I
1.24 II
1.25 III
1.26 Non Troppo Presto

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