Berries: Berryland

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Berries

Artist: Berries
Title: Berryland

2019 release, the second album by The Berries. Over the course of a year, songwriter Matt Berry demoed countless versions of every song that would end up being on Berryland by himself in his room, but the world refused to stay outside during the process. Berryland sounds like a record designed for good times at first glance - from the psychedelic opening riff of "Makes Me Sick" to the gigantic chorus of lead single "Fruit," there are moments that feel made for driving down the highway with the windows down. But each song on Berryland has a deeper meaning than what's on the surface - a constant theme of heartache, hopelessness and feeling as if the end of the world could be any day now permeates on standout tracks like "Passing Scene" and the fast & furious "Feral Eyes." This seeming contradiction makes The Berries' album feel vital for today's world - an attempt to grasp at good times while living in end times.

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