Beth Hart: War In My Mind

Beth Hart: War In My Mind
Title: War In My Mind
Label: Provogue

Beth Hart is as real as it gets. In a music industry full of glossy production and airbrushed photoshoots, this is one artist who throws down her cards, shares her darkest secrets and invites you to join her for the ride. With War In My Mind, this Grammy-nominated talent has never served herself up so raw on a record, one that embraces her merits and flaws, channels her bittersweet headspace and spins gold from her demons. The sleeve shot of Beth pounding a piano below her own personal stormcloud is a fitting representation of new material that hits like a force of nature. Having followed the fascinating career of Beth Hart for a quarter-century, we've learned not to rule anything out - so long as it's real. And now, with War In My Mind, this songwriter has made a record that bares her soul, wears her heart on her sleeve, and makes no apology for it. War In My Mind will be released on September 27, 2019 via Mascot Label Group/Provogue.

1.1 Bad Woman Blues
1.2 War in My Mind
1.3 Without Words in the Way
1.4 Let It Grow
1.5 Try a Little Harder
1.6 Sister Dear
1.7 Spanish Lullabies
1.8 Rub Me for Luck
1.9 Sugar Shack
1.10 Woman Down
1.11 Thankful
1.12 I Need a Hero

Beth Hart: War In My Mind

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