Betty Ford Boys

Betty Ford Boys: Retox

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Betty Ford Boys

Title: Retox
Label: Melting Pot Music

The Betty Ford Boys are ready to retox! "Retox" is the second album by the Austro-German producer super group consisting of Suff Daddy, Dexter and Brenk Sinatra. The album was recorded at the Fisherhaus, a small timber cottage somewhere in Bavaria earlier this year. The Betty Ford Boys moved their home-studios from Berlin, Stuttgart and Vienna into the small shack and let loose. If you compare "Retox" to the 21st century G-Funk of their debut album "Leaders of the Brew Sschool", one can say that the Betty Ford Boys are reporting from the dark side of the moon this time. Low- tuned and bass-heavy stoner beats are sitting next to moog-driven 808 workouts and you never know what's coming next. If "Retox" follows a formula then the formula is that there is no formula. "Retox" is simply one of the most - if not the most - complete instrumental hip-hop albums of the year. Period!

1.1 Two
1.2 All Up on My Nutz
1.3 What They Do
1.4 Raymond's Lament
1.5 Kick Shit in (Interlude)
1.6 Henny Lean
1.7 Physical Fitness
1.8 Everyday (Part 2)
1.9 Shut Up
1.10 The Recipe
1.11 Higher Than You
1.12 Friend (Interlude)
1.13 Insanity Clause
1.14 Hypnotize'em
1.15 The Symphony (Jeep Volume)
1.16 Earland Journey

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