Between the Buried and Me

Between the Buried and Me: The Great Misdirect

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Artist: Between the Buried and Me
Title: The Great Misdirect

Deluxe CD/DVD edition includes bonus DVD. 2009 album from the Alt-Metal band. The human brain is a labyrinth that we will never fully comprehend. The next chapter in the pantheon of stories from the enigmatic Between the Buried and Me, entitled the Great Misdirect, gives US their inventive impressions of what this mysterious tool may be capable of. It introduces US to an elaborate cast of characters that are odd, unique, familiar and somewhat comforting. A group of outsiders trying to comprehend the strange worlds they all inhabit. From the truckers chatting about UFO sightings, to the power struggle of a cult leader, all the way to the story of a common man, leaving everything behind and floating to the middle of the ocean; the Great Misdirect is a truly enthralling adventure. The five stories that interlock within this fantastic tale is an inspiration to the creativeness that extreme metal is capable of and a testament to where the band is taking the genre.

1.1 Mirrors
1.2 Obfuscation
1.3 Disease, Injury, Madness
1.4 Fossil Genera - a Feed from Cloud Mountain
1.5 Desert of Song
1.6 Swim to the Moon
2.1 Bonus Materials [DVD]

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