Big Big Train: Grimspound

Big Big Train: Grimspound
Title: Grimspound
Label: Justforkicks

Three time Progressive Music Awards winners, Big Big Train, set a course for the stars with the release of their 2017 album, Grimspound, Big Big Train tell stories from the oceans and the skies, from the meadowland and the mead hall, tales of scientists and artists and poets and dreamers. Here can be found songs drawn from history and folklore, true-life tales of a flying ace, of Captain Cook's 'experimental gentlemen' on his first voyage of discovery and the legend of a ghost waiting outside an ivy gate whilst the carriers of souls circle overhead.

1.1 Brave Captain (12.37)
1.2 On the Racing Line (5.12)
1.3 Experimental Gentlemen (10.01)
1.4 Meadowland (3.36)
1.5 Grimspound (6.56)
1.6 The Ivy Gate (7.27)
1.7 A Mead Hall in Winter (15.20)
1.8 As the Crow Flies (6.44)

Big Big Train: Grimspound

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