Big John Greer: Blowin' & Rockin' 1949-1955

Big John Greer: Blowin&
Title: Blowin' & Rockin' 1949-1955
Label: Jasmine Records

Big John Greer is another largely unsung hero of the R&B world of the late 1940s and early 1950s. A blasting tenor saxophonist and a really talented blues shouting vocalist he enjoyed just one chart hit in his recording career, "Got You on My Mind" which is featured on this collection. By all accounts he was a spectacular live performer and was most popular in small venues where he was able to interact with the audience and this certainly comes across throughout this exciting collection of 27 of his greatest recordings. The excitement level of Greer's recordings meant that his popularity stretched well into the 1970s when several of his tracks became major dancefloor attractions during the rock and roll revival. This collection comes to a rocking end with "Come Back Maybelline" his spirited answer disc to Chuck Berry's debut hit, Maybelline.

1.1 Drinkin' Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee
1.2 Long Tall Gal
1.3 Rockin' with Big John
1.4 If I Told You Once (I Told You a Thousand Times)
1.5 Rocking Jenny Jones
1.6 Red Juice
1.7 Big John's a Blowin'
1.8 Clambake Boogie
1.9 Have Another Drink and Talk to Me
1.10 Got You on My Mind
1.11 Strong Red Whiskey
1.12 Woman Is a Five Letter Word
1.13 I'm the Fat Man
1.14 I'll Never Let You Go
1.15 Ride Pretty Baby
1.16 Bottle It Up and Go
1.17 Too Long
1.18 Play Me Some Loud Music
1.19 Will I Be the One
1.20 Wait Till After Christmas
1.21 We Wanna See Santa Do the Mambo
1.22 Soon, Soon, Soon
1.23 Lucky, Lucky, Me
1.24 I Didn't Know
1.25 I'll Never Stop Loving You
1.26 A Man and a Woman
1.27 Come Back Maybelline

Big John Greer: Blowin' & Rockin' 1949-1955

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