Big Sandy

Big Sandy: Best of Big Sandy & His Fly-Right Boys

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Big Sandy

Title: Best of Big Sandy & His Fly-Right Boys
Label: Rockbeat Records

These recordings (some of which were produced by Dave Alvin) were made from 1994-2004, but they'll have you swearing you're back in the honky-tonks and roadhouses of the '50s., You get prime cuts from their awesome albums Jumping from 6 to 6 and Swingin' West and more utterly convincing rockabilly and hillbilly boogie!

1.1 Greatest Story Ever Told
1.2 Someone Like You
1.3 Have Love Will Travel
1.4 Jumping from 6 to 6
1.5 Lonely Guy
1.6 Loser's Blues
1.7 I Can't Believe I'm Saying This to You
1.8 Blackberry Wine
1.9 Honky Tonk Queen
1.10 Oochie Coochie
1.11 Tequila Calling
1.12 Feelin' Kinda Lucky
1.13 When Sleep Won't Come
1.14 Parts Unknown
1.15 Backdoor Dan
1.16 My Sinful Days Are Over

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