Bill Fox

Bill Fox: Shelter from the Smoke

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Artist: Bill Fox

Artist: Bill Fox
Title: Shelter from the Smoke

Digitally remastered and expanded edition of the debut solo album from the Cleveland-based singer/songwriter and former leader of the Mice. Originally self-released in 1997 and reissued the following year by SpinArt, both previous versions featured different tracklists. This edition includes all songs from both versions, as well as the two tracks from a scarce 1996 seven inch single.

1.1 Over and Away She Goes
1.2 Appalachian Death Sigh
1.3 Sara Page
1.4 Lonesome Pine
1.5 Get Your Workingman's Things
1.6 Let in the Sun
1.7 Way Way Down
1.8 Singin' a Melody
1.9 I'm Not Over Loving You
1.10 Junked Lot Serenade
1.11 Jordan Is a Hard Road to Travel
1.12 You Can Tell Me All Night Long
1.13 Let's Be Buried Together
1.14 Love Ain't No Feeling
1.15 Brittany Goes Right Down
1.16 A Little More
1.17 Since I've Been Gone
1.18 Baystorm
1.19 Bird of the World
1.20 I May Never Know
1.21 Andnowagain
1.22 Grand-Ville Blues
1.23 Don't Lean on My Door, Fever

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