Bill Monroe: My Last Days on Earth 1981-1994

Bill Monroe: My Last Days on Earth 1981-1994
Title: My Last Days on Earth 1981-1994
Label: Bear Family

Complete studio recordings by the Father of Bluegrass from 1981-1994!Bear Family's incredible project of reissuing every studio recording by Bill Monroe is now finished!Collectors and fans can own everything that Bill Monroe recorded from 1936-1994. This set includes recordings with the legendary Outlaws like Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, and othersIt also includes the recordings with country legends, bluegrass stars and Monroe disciples like Emmylou Harris, the Country Gentlemen, Seldom Scene, Mac Wiseman, Carl Story, and others.Mission Accomplished! Back in 1988, we began the monumental task of issuing every recording by the Father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe. Nearly 20 years and five boxed sets later, we've finished. When we started, Bill Monroe was still alive, and bluegrass was a minority-interest music. In the intervening years, Bill Monroe has died, but bluegrass music has gone from strength to strength. The industry bible, 'Billboard' magazine, actually started a Bluegrass chart, and bluegrass/old time country music formed the soundtrack to one of the most successful movies of recent times, 'O Brother.'Our final Bill Monroe box captures the great man in the autumn of his years. He had nothing left to prove, but still made fabulous records because he wanted to, and because he still had legions of admirers who wanted nothing more than to record with him. That's why this set includes vocal contributions from Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, John Hartford, Emmylou Harris, the Oak Ridge Boys, Barbara Mandrell, and even Johnny Cash?. not to mention fellow bluegrass stars like the Osbornes, Ralph Stanley, Del McCoury, Jim & Jesse, Mac Wiseman, the Country Gentlemen, Carl Story, and the Seldom Scene.Bill Monroe's earlier recordings were powerful, insurgent?even revolutionary? music. These are the works of an elder statesmen. A prideful man with plenty to be proud of!

1.1 Old Ebenezer Scrooge (Instrumental)
1.2 Go Hither to Go Yonder (Instrumental)
1.3 Right, Right on (Instrumental)
1.4 Lochwood (Instrumental)
1.5 Old Danger Field (Instrumental)
1.6 Fair Play (Instrumental)
1.7 Melissas's Waltz for J.B. (Instrumental)
1.8 Lady of the Blue Ridge (Instrumental)
1.9 My Last Days on Earth (Instrumental with Vocal Backing)
1.10 Evening Prayer Blues (Instrumental)
1.11 Precious Memories
1.12 Little Shepherd (Instrumental)
1.13 Old Crossroads
1.14 Wayfaring Stranger
1.15 In the Gloryland Ways
1.16 What a Friend We Have in Jesus
1.17 Shouting on the Hills of Glory
1.18 Baptize Me in the Cumberland River
1.19 Wicked Path of Sin
1.20 I'll Fly Away
1.21 My Louisiana Love ; Mel Tillis
1.22 Is the Blue Moon Still Shining ; the Gatlin Brothers
1.23 My Sweet Blue-Eyed Darlin' ; Ricky Skaggs
1.24 Old Riverman ; John Hartford
1.25 With Body and Soul ; Waylon Jennings
1.26 I Still Miss Someone ; Johnny Cash
1.27 Blue Moon of Kentucky ; the Oak Ridge Boys
1.28 Sunset Trail ; Willie Nelson
1.29 Kentucky Waltz ; Emmylou Harris
1.30 My Rose of Old Kentucky ; Barbara Mandrell
1.31 I Hear a Sweet Voice Calling ; the Osborne Brothers
1.32 True Life Blues ; Carl Story
1.33 Lord, Protect My Soul ; the Country Gentlemen
1.34 Travelin' This Lonesome Road ; Mac Wiseman
1.35 I'm on My Way Back to the Old Home ; Jim ; Jesse
1.36 Mighty Dark to Travel ; Jim ; Jesse
1.37 Remember the Cross ; the Seldom Scene
1.38 Let the Gates Swing Wide ; Tater Tate
1.39 Can't You Hear Me Callin' ; Ralph Stanley
1.40 Golden West (Instrumental) ; Bobby Hicks
1.41 Old Brown County Barn (Instrumental) ; Bobby Hicks
1.42 I'm Going Back to Old Kentucky ; Del McCoury
1.43 Bluest Man in Town ; Del McCoury
1.44 Dancin' in Brancin' (Instrumental)
1.45 Jekyll Island (Instrumental)
1.46 Stay Away from Me
1.47 Music Valley Waltz
1.48 Angels Rock Me to Sleep
1.49 Long Bow (Instrumental)
1.50 God Holds the Future in His Hands
1.51 Old Crossroads
1.52 Southern Flavour (Instrumental)
1.53 Stone Coal (Instrumental)
1.54 Texas Lone Star (Instrumental)
1.55 Sugar Loaf Mountain (Instrumental)
1.56 Days Gone By
1.57 White Rose
1.58 Life's Highway
1.59 Give Me Wings
1.60 What a Wonderful Life
1.61 Take Courage Un' Tomorrow
1.62 Molly and Tenbrooks
1.63 Footprints in the Snow
1.64 Sittin' Alone in the Moonlight
1.65 Precious Memories
1.66 Rawhide
1.67 My Sweet Darlin'
1.68 In the Pines
1.69 Love, Please Come Home
1.70 Pike County Breakdown (Instrumental)
1.71 I'm Working on a Building
1.72 Watermelon Hanging on the Vine (Instrumental)
1.73 Just a Little Talk with Jesus
1.74 Harbor of Love
1.75 Are You Lost in Sin?
1.76 He'll Take You in
1.77 Just Over in the Glory Land
1.78 Baptize Me in the Cumberland River
1.79 You're Drifting Away
1.80 This World Is Not My Home
1.81 Cryin' Holy Unto the Lord
1.82 Shine Hallelujah Shine
1.83 Boston Boy (Instrumental)
1.84 Southern Flavor (Instrumental)
1.85 Never Leave the E-String (Instrumental)
1.86 Tennessee Blues (Instrumental)
1.87 I'd Love to Be Over Yonder (Instrumental)
1.88 Rawhide (Instrumental)
1.89 Sally Goodin (Instrumental)

Bill Monroe: My Last Days on Earth 1981-1994

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