Billy Eckstine

Billy Eckstine: Collection 1947-62

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Artist: Billy Eckstine

Artist: Billy Eckstine
Title: Collection 1947-62

Starting out as a trumpeter as well as vocalist, Billy Eckstine led one of the most innovative big bands during the early 1940s, with many future bebop stars passing through his ranks as he had a number of R&B hits on the National label before he disbanded his orchestra and became a solo singer - this earlier era is covered in our existing Acrobat release "Billy Eckstine - Jukebox Hits" (ACMCD4019). As a solo performer, he became a popular, sophisticated and highly-regarded crooner, racking up a string of hits during the late '40s and through into the rock 'n' roll era. This great-value 74-track 3-CD set comprises selected A & B sides from his releases on the MGM, RCA and Mercury labels during these years, and features all his twenty and more hits on those labels his US pop and R&B chart entries in this era, and his UK hits, including the Top 10 successes "Bewildered", "Fools Rush In", "Temptation", "Sitting By The Window", "My Foolish Heart", "I Wanna Be Loved", "If", "I Apologize", "Kiss Of Fire", "No One But You" and "Gigi" and his duet hit with Sarah Vaughan "Passing Strangers". It's a substantial overview of a core 15-year period of his career, including at least one side of a significant proportion of his releases, and providing an entertaining showcase for his versatility as a performer and for his distinctive and unmistakeable vocal styling.

1.1 This Is the Inside Story
1.2 The Wildest Gal in Town
1.3 Fool That I Am
1.4 1
1.5 Intrigue
1.6 Mr. B's Blues
1.7 Everything I Have Is Yours
1.8 Blue Moon
1.9 Fools Rush in
1.10 Bewildered
1.11 Caravan
1.12 Somehow
1.13 Temptation
1.14 Crying
1.15 Good Bye
1.16 Body and Soul
1.17 Fool's Paradise
1.18 Sitting By the Window
1.19 Someone to Watch Over Me
1.20 My Old Flame
1.21 My Foolish Heart
1.22 Baby Won't You Say You Love Me
1.23 My Destiny
1.24 You're All I Need
2.1 I Wanna Be Loved
2.2 The Show Must Go on
2.3 Be My Love
2.4 I've Never Been in Love Before
2.5 I'm So Crazy for Love
2.6 If
2.7 I Apologize
2.8 I Left My Hat in Haiti
2.9 I'm Yours to Command
2.10 I'm a Fool to Want You
2.11 Pandora
2.12 Enchanted Land (Song of India)
2.13 Out in the Cold Again
2.14 Taking a Chance on Love
2.15 A Weaver of Dreams
2.16 I Love You
2.17 Room with a View
2.18 Hold Me Close to You
2.19 Kiss of Fire
2.20 Be Fair
2.21 Until Eternity
2.22 Coquette
2.23 Send My Baby Back to Me
2.24 St. Louis Blues
3.1 I Can Read Between the Lines
3.2 Rendezvous
3.3 Lost in Loveliness
3.4 No One But You
3.5 You Leave Me Breathless
3.6 Do Nothing Till You Hear from Me
3.7 Love Me
3.8 What More Is There to Say
3.9 Love Me or Leave Me
3.10 September Song
3.11 La de Do de Do (Honey Bug Song)
3.12 You'll Get Yours
3.13 The Bitter with the Sweet
3.14 Your Eyes Say Yes, My Heart Says No
3.15 Condemned for Life
3.16 The Chosen Few
3.17 Oh My Pretty Pretty
3.18 Passing Strangers
3.19 Boulevard of Broken Dreams
3.20 Gigi
3.21 Vertigo
3.22 Prisoner of Love
3.23 Alexander's Ragtime Band
3.24 (Main Theme from) "Exodus"
3.25 Jeannie
3.26 Guilty

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