Billy Prince

Billy Prince: Shameful Indulgence in Scandoulous Love

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Artist: Billy Prince

Artist: Billy Prince
Title: Shameful Indulgence in Scandoulous Love

1.1 We Have a Chance to Do It Over Again
1.2 I'm in Mississippi
1.3 You're at Your Crossroad (Bring the Wood Home)
1.4 How Did You Feel?
1.5 Granulated Sugar (Sweet Sweet Woman of Mine)
1.6 My Daddy Taught Me to Be
1.7 Eight Habits of My Heart
1.8 My Offer of Support
1.9 Shameful Indulgence in Scandalous Love
1.10 Bad Boy
1.11 I Wish You Well
1.12 Why Does This Song Have to Be So Sad?
1.13 Sneaking and Cheating

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