Bing Crosby

Bing Crosby: A Christmas Story

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bing Crosby

Title: A Christmas Story
Label: BMG Rights Managemen

A Christmas Story is a LP album by Bing Crosby made for children by Golden Records in 1957. The Arthur Norman Choir and Orchestra provide support. The album has been reissued by various record companies sometimes with different titles such as "How Lovely Is Christmas".

1.1 How Lovely Is Christmas
1.2 There Have Been Almost 2000 Christmases
1.3 An Axe, An Apple and a Buckskin Jacket
1.4 Now This Cabin Was So Remote
1.5 Boy at a Window
1.6 All of a Sudden Young Jethro Heard
1.7 Young Jethro Swung His Mighty Axe
1.8 Soon the Cleared Field Looked Mighty Fine
1.9 Johnny Appleseed
1.10 ... and Sure Enough There Was Dan'l Boone!
1.11 Incident on Rogers Creek
1.12 Well, of Course Young Jethro Thought
1.13 How Lovely Is Christmas (Reprise)

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