Bing Crosby

Bing Crosby: Through The Years, Vol. 4: 1952-1953

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bing Crosby

Title: Through The Years, Vol. 4: 1952-1953
Label: Sepia Recordings

This is volume 4 of Sepia's series examining Bing Crosby recordings in chronological order. Featuring 26 tracks Bing recorded in 1952-1953, the CD contains notes by the International Club Crosby, the official Bing Crosby fan club.

1.1 On the 10: 10 from Ten-Ten-Tennessee
1.2 Sing a Little Zong
1.3 The Moon Came Up with a Great Idea Last Night
1.4 Watermelon Weather
1.5 You Don't Know What Lonesome Is
1.6 Open Up Your Heart
1.7 To See You Is to Love You
1.8 Hoot Mon
1.9 Chicago Style
1.10 The Road to Bali
1.11 The Merry-Go-Run-Around
1.12 South Rampart Street Parade
1.13 Cool Water
1.14 Fatherly Advice
1.15 Sleigh Ride
1.16 I Love My Baby
1.17 Little Jack Frost Get Lost
1.18 That's A-Plenty
1.19 Keep It a Secret
1.20 Sleigh Bell Serenade
1.21 Mother Darlin'
1.22 Hush-A-Bye
1.23 There's Music in You
1.24 Ohio
1.25 The Magic Window
1.26 A Quiet Girl

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