Bio-Cancer: Tormenting the Innocent

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bio-Cancer

Title: Tormenting the Innocent
Label: Candlelight

Greek thrashers Bio-Cancer turn it up with their crushing sophomore album, Tormenting the Innocent. Mixed by Andy Claussen (Destruction/Krisiun), it features art by Andrei Bouzikov (Municipal Waste/Toxic Holocaust). With already 20,000 views of an early video from the album ("Bulletproof"), there is a growing buzz for their towering sound. Tormenting the Innocent is the first worldwide release for the young five-piece and follows their 2012 self-released debut Ear Piercing Thrash. The band has shared the stage with Sodom, Onslaught, Rotting Christ, Xentrix, Artillery, & more.

1.1 Obligated to Incest 04:37
1.2 Tormenting the Innocent 05:17
1.3 Bulletproof 04:20
1.4 Boxed Out 04:08
1.5 F(r)iends or Fiends 05:02
1.6 Think! 04:22
1.7 Chemical Castration 04:58
1.8 Haters Gonna... Suffer! 01:28
1.9 Life is Tough (So am I) 03:33

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