Birge Gorge

Birge Gorge: Avant Toute

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Birge Gorge

Artist: Birge Gorge
Title: Avant Toute
Product Type: VINYL LP

Have you ever imagined what a meeting between the Silver Apples and Sonny Sharrock would sound like? In 1974, Jean-Jacques Birgé, one of the first French synthesizer players (ARP 2600) along with Francis Gorgé, virtuoso guitarist, created some unique improvised pop music. The unreleased and flamboyant recordings featured on Avant Toute would be the source for the cult 1975 Défense de album by Birgé, Gorgé, Shiroc before founding Un Drame Musical Instantané with Bernard Vitet. Limited edition of 700 black & white vinyl. 350 gram sleeve. Obi Strip. Insert with photos and liner notes by Jean-Jacques Birgé & Francis Gorgé.

1.1 Bolet Meuble (14:33)
1.2 CXLII (8:26)
2.1 Un Coup de Groutchmeu (5:46)
2.2 La Corde Lisse (17:27)

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