Olsen, Birger: The Lights Just Buzz

Birger Olsen: The Lights Just Buzz
Title: The Lights Just Buzz
Label: Mama Bird
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited vinyl LP pressing. The Lights Just Buzz is the debut solo album from songwriter Birger Olsen. For fans of Portland's country supergroup Denver, Olsen is known as the one with that voice. His strikingly low delivery is leisurely yet precise, while his straightforward lyrics hold a subtle humor often laced in sweet sentiments, not unlike Randy Newman, Lyle Lovett and John Prine. Produced by Dolorean's Ben Nugent, The Lights Just Buzz captures a rich stillness, away from the chaos of contemporary times, where only the necessities exist. Olsen's vocals are featured heavily, but the album's steady force is the warm tone and easy pace of his guitar. His bluesy Ry Cooder-inspired style weaves it's way through layers of organs, trumpets and lonesome harmonica.

1.1 And the Telephone Dangles on the Line
1.2 The Lights Just Buzz
1.3 Liza
1.4 Slow Bone
1.5 You Look As Sweet
1.6 Hummin'

Olsen, Birger: The Lights Just Buzz

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