Birth Control

Birth Control: Hoodo Man

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Artist: Birth Control

Artist: Birth Control
Title: Hoodo Man

Listening to the original albums of Birth Control, one would guess that Deep Purple and Spooky Tooth spent a lot of time on their turntables. They were Germany's leading prog-rock band, and this 1974 CBS album takes you back to their prime, featuring Gamma Ray (a jazz-rock instrumental epic that became a concert favorite) plus Get Down to Your Fate; Buy!; Suicide, and more.

1.1 Buy
1.2 Suicide
1.3 Get Down to Your Fate
1.4 Gamma Ray
1.5 Hoodoo Man
1.6 Kaulstoss
1.7 Nostalgia
1.8 Gamma Ray, Pt. 1
1.9 Gamma Ray, Pt. 2
1.10 Hope [Live]
1.11 She's Got Nothing on You [Live]

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