Bis: Anthology: 20 Years of Antiseptic Poetry

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Artist: Bis

Artist: Bis
Title: Anthology: 20 Years of Antiseptic Poetry

Lavishly packaged in a black gloss digibook, with silver foiled band logo front, complete with a 24 page fanzine style booklet including the complete song lyrics, rare and previously unseen photographs and artwork compiled and designed by the band. Definitive 42 track retrospective. Including: 'Euro Disco' the John Peel Session 'Kandy Pop' and the new single 'Keep Your Darkness.' Since their formation in 1994, Bis have continually mutated their initial influences of Synthpop, Riot Grrrl and DIY Punk into weird and wonderful songs with a natural gift for melodic earworms and a disco heart-beat. The Anthology includes early DIY releases, tracks from their 1997 album debut 'The New Transistor Hereos', 1999's 'Social Dancing', 2000's 'Music for a Stranger World' EP as well band's most misunderstood album 2001's 'Return to Central'. 2014 dawned the band's 20th anniversary, bringing first the release of the 'data Panik etcetra' album for International Record Store Day, garnering some of the best critical acclaim of the band's career, re-ignited the original fans whilst introducing the band to a whole new generation. Here is a lavishly produced compilation of hits, misses, rarities and exclusives.

1.1 Eurodisco
1.2 Cubis (I Love You)
1.3 Theme from Tokyo
1.4 Kandy Pop (John Peel Session)*
1.5 Keep Your Darkness*
1.6 This Is Fake D.I.Y
1.7 Protection (Alternative Mix)*
1.8 School Disco (Live)*
1.9 Public School Boy
1.10 Sound of Sleet
1.11 Tell It to the Kids\
1.12 Plastik People
1.13 D.J
1.14 Kiss and Tell
1.15 Rulers and the States
1.16 Dna (By Manda Rin)
1.17 Photo Shop
1.18 Why Are We Waiting?
1.19 Social Dancing*
1.20 Robotic
1.21 A Portrait from Space //
2.1 Beats at the Office
2.2 Monstarr
2.3 Minimum Wage
2.4 Icky-Poo Air Raid (John Peel Session)*
2.5 Statement of Intent (Remix)
2.6 Starbright Boy
2.7 Honesty Is Stupid (Demo)*
2.8 Keroleen
2.9 What You Re Afraid of
2.10 How Can We Be Strange?
2.11 Today of All Days
2.12 Action and Drama (Radio Version)
2.13 Space Me (By Dirty Hospital)
2.14 Young Alien Types (Demo)*
2.15 Secret Vampires
2.16 Clockwork Punk
2.17 Silver Spoon
2.18 Brainclouds
2.19 Eurodisco (Les Rythmes Digitales Remix)
2.20 Making People Normal
2.21 Kill Yr Boyfriend (Live)*

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